Ivette Martínez

Ivette Martínez

PsychologyPsychomotor neonatologist

Patient Demographics: Babies, Children, Adult

"Every parent of my patients is totally different. In my consultation, the most important thing is that both understand our work and never leave the office with questions or doubts. I like when parents ask me questions, because it is the way we realize the interest they have and therefore achieve a positive development of the patient."

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I specialized in Prenatal and Early Stimulation, Psychomotor and Neonatology of high risk because we have a large population at risk. Their problems start during school years, but they can be detected, prevented and treated during the main stage of the brain and neural development (from 0 to 5 years). I am passionate and I love what I do, every advance in my little patients, however small, for me is a great achievement and I know I'm contributing a bit to prevent possible difficulties, mainly at school. Even more when the stimulation starts early on, because it creates the necessary conditions for neural interconnections in the brain begin to develop. Therefore we will have future children with superior intelligence.




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    Prenatal trainer

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